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My World of Beads is my guide to the world of beading, a world that was a complete mystery to me when I stumbled into my first bead shop back in the 1990s. Now it is the world that I love inhabiting in both my personal and professional life and I want to share with you all the things that I’ve found out along my journey through this world.

chocolate_gateauThis is all information that I would love to have been able to access in one place as I was starting out. If you’ve just stumbled accidentally upon the world of beads, then I hope this site will give you a better understanding of what beads and beadwork are all about. If like me, this is already your world as well, then I hope this will still be a useful resource for you, but most of all, could you help me add to it – share all the things you’ve also found to amaze you in this wonderful world. As the amount of information on here grows, you might want to visit the Beads Index page or use the search bar at the top of the page in order to find the information you want.

If you want a quick definition of different types of beads, findings and tools, plus some of the common ways of using them, go to the ‘beading supplies‘ page. The ‘beading techniques‘ page gives a short description for different beading techniques, along with links to free tutorials and patterns that you can use for learning or practising those techniques. On the ‘beading books‘ you will find short reviews of my collection of beading books covering a broad range of topics from basic techniques for starting out, to collections of jewellery or non-jewellery beadwork projects. In the ‘design essentials‘ section I talk about the process of creating designs, some of the design decisions you may have to make and also pass on a few tips, tricks and ideas. ‘Bead business‘ is for anyone who wants to sell their work, either in finished format or as a design. I have drawn upon my experience to cover topics that I have found important or challenging. If you are looking to participate in the beading world, then pop across to the ‘beading resources‘ section to find out about magazines, competitions, bead groups, shows and places where you can buy materials.

The information contained on My World of Beads is accurate to the best of my knowledge, but it is my own personal viewpoint and opinions, so I cannot be held responsible for the way in which you choose to use or interpret it. If there are matters discussed here that may have legal implications for you or your business, please take your own independent advice. If you believe I have made a mistake that requires correcting, please feel free to politely inform me of this and I will check my facts and correct anything necessary. Most of all, I hope you will find My World of Beads a useful resource. If you do, then please spread the word among your friends and share your thoughts in the comments boxes. Happy beading!

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7 thoughts on “My World of Beads

  1. How can i reach you directly,, i’ll love to talk and show you my kind of bead works. Please lookup my facebook page to see some of my beadsigns ” idigwu beads “

    • You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook and contact me there – links are in the right-hand side bar. I looked up your facebook page and your beadwork is fantastic! Thank you for getting in touch and letting me know about it 🙂

    • Yes they are – if you can get them direct from Potomac Beads through this link or check your local bead store – I’m not sure which stores will stock them, but it’s always worth asking!

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